Weight Loss, Eating And Hypnosis

Many people have the desire to shed a few pounds the easy way. Even small changes in everyday life can lead to healthy weight loss. And yet it seems impossible for many to reach their feel-good weight. Entrenched patterns of behavior and a lack of stamina cause the hit list of good resolutions to be forgotten again and again. One approach to help break unhealthy habits and lose weight easily is called hypnotherapy.

The principle of hypnosis

Hypnosis itself is understood as a waking state of consciousness in which a person’s attention is separated from the immediate environment and limited to inner experiences such as feelings and cognitions. In the state of hypnosis (Hypnose), attention and imagination are focused to the point where it feels real. A so-called hypnotic reality is created.

The main benefit of the hypnotic state is the increased mental and emotional impact on a person. Hypnosis is used as part of therapy, for example, to reduce emotional stress or as pain therapy.

Therapeutic hypnosis has nothing to do with magic. During a session, the treating hypnotist can use different techniques to induce this trance state and pendulums are not one of them. Once this relaxed state has been reached, deep-seated thoughts and beliefs as well as behavior can be changed and re-learned by addressing the hypnotist.


Weight loss hypnosis – how it should work

With hypnosis, the usual patterns are to be broken. Penetrating the subconscious is intended to replace old habits with newly planted ideas and set the basis for a healthy lifestyle. The hypnotist treating the patient puts the patient in a waking state, isolated from the outside world, recognizes the causes of the bad eating habits, and tries to break through them with selected techniques. It is impossible to say how many attempts or sessions it will take for the therapy to work.

If one assumes that hypnosis promotes weight loss, the question of the yo-yo effect remains. Many diets promise rapid weight loss but hide the effect of regaining weight once the diet is complete. According to therapists, losing weight with hypnosis is not a diet, but a long-term change in diet. Accordingly, there should be no yo-yo effect.