How to Get Better Digestion with Intestinal Massage

Intestinal Massage


Many of us know it: At the family celebration or at the meal with colleagues, there were once again far too many treats that you simply could not do without. Quickly, the stomach becomes overloaded and it can lead to digestive problems. The intestinal massage is one way to provide relief.

This may sound a bit strange at first, but many people already use it to get rid of digestive problems or problems in the gastrointestinal tract quickly and without outside help. An intestinal massage must be imagined as similar to a foot a business trip massage (see the 출장마사지 가격 or business trip massage price here). If you hit the right points, for example, constipation will soon no longer be an issue. We explain everything you need to know!

When can a bowel massage help?

The intestinal massage also referred to as colon massage in professional circles, helps especially with constipation, bloating, and unpleasant bloating, which can cause severe pain. Those who eat predominantly healthy and balanced and also exercise regularly should usually be spared a wide variety of gastrointestinal complaints. Because in order for your intestines and thus also you to feel good, you should pay attention to which food you can expect from it.

But even with an extremely healthy lifestyle, digestive problems can occur from time to time. And that’s exactly when the right-hand movements are required to bring the digestive tract back into harmony by means of intestinal massage.

How does intestinal massage work?

With the intestinal massage, which was invented in the50s by two professors from Berlin, they wanted to achieve that problems with digestion could be solved with just a few gentle steps. One of the main motives was to reduce the administration of drugs that would otherwise be taken for intestinal complaints.

By touching and massaging certain areas on the abdomen, which mainly benefit the colon, targeted intestinal massage can lead to activating intestinal activity. This can promote digestion and support regular excretion. Another positive side effect of regular use of the colon massage is also the reduction of unsightly winds up to the improvement of flatulence. Even if you only suffer from an unpleasant feeling of fullness, a bowel massage can help.


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How colon massage works

If you want to massage your intestines right after eating, you should definitely wait two hours for the treatment. In the best case, the bowel and bladders should also have been emptied beforehand. The intestinal massage is performed lying on the back, the abdomen is exposed at least up to the costal arches. In total, there are five so-called stimulus points around the navel, which are massaged with gentle, circular movements.

The abdomen of a woman with a semi-transparent representation of the position of the intestine. The five points of irritation in an intestinal massage are shown with green circles.

You start to the right below the navel and stimulate each individual point three times counterclockwise until you finally arrive almost centrally below the navel. The points of irritation run from right to left around the navel. You can massage your bowel three to four times a week in this way and will soon feel a significant improvement. Digestion is regulated by the use of intestinal massage and there is much less unpleasant bloating.

What else can help your digestion

So that it does not come to unpleasant digestive problems in the first place, there are some helpful tips that you can consider in terms of nutrition:

  • Fiber is essential for a balanced and healthy diet. High-fiber foods include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  • Bitter substances in the daily diet can help to keep digestion going. Bitter substances can be found, for example, in green vegetables and salads such as rockets, dandelions, artichokes, chicory, or Brussels sprouts.
  • Seeds are not only valuable sources of nutrients, they can also stimulate intestinal activity. Especially flaxseed or chia seeds are recommended here, as they can prevent a tired gastrointestinal tract with their swelling effect. However, pay attention to the exact instructions of the manufacturers in terms of consumption quantity and swelling time.

If you pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and also integrate regular exercise or sports into your everyday life, not only your intestines but also your general well-being will thank you in the long term.